who we teach


Our programme suits children from three years old onwards. We teach to pre-competitive level, which means that after a term or two in our top grade, Advanced Improver 3, you're ready to go on to any competitive squad, water sport, or club.


If you'd like to join us, we can add your child's name to our wait list once we know what grade they're in. 

Depending on your child's grade there could even be a place available in Term 4.  

Hamish, Martina, and Lucy are focused on creating the very finest swimmer that your child can be. They teach a programme Hamish developed over many years influenced by Canadian, Australian, and Russian swim teaching philosophies.  Each of the three teachers brings their own personality to their practice, as well as their own knowledge contribution, but all use the same core methodology.

Quality swim lessons

Mature, Highly experienced Teachers who understand swimming