The swimWright programme


Preschool 1

is where children learn to float independently on their back and tummy ...



water confidence, front and back float, basic propulsion ...


stroking and kicking, rhythmic breathing drills for freestyle ...

Breather and Improver

developing and practising freestyle drills ...

Advanced Improver

developing freestyle, backstroke and butterfly style and stamina ...

Our teachers


Owner and head teacher.


Studying sports science.


Hamish's past colleague from WRAC

Empowering children to go beyond the edge of what they think they can achieve

Returning swimmer from past terms?  Let us know half way through the term before the one you want to enrol in. That way we have time to look for a place before we offer them to new people.

SwimWright teaches children from three years and older at Wilford School pool in Petone, seven days a week during term time. 

Weekday preschool lessons are held at midday (and from 11am on Wednesday), and weekday school age classes start after 3pm.  On Saturday and Sunday there are both preschool and school age lessons.

We run one lesson in the pool at a time. The water is 33 to 34 degrees.  Hamish maintains the water quality; besides a  knowledge of swim teaching, he has many years' experience running pools, and holds internationally recognised water treatment qualifications.

There are no lessons in school holidays.

You can read more about  the skill levels here. Once your child reaches the 45-minute Advanced Improver 3 grade they're ready to move on to competitive squads and clubs if they want, and they're strong enough swimmers to take on any aquatic sport such as water polo or underwater hockey. 

We do not offer private lessons.

The cost for all classes is $165 for a ten week term.


Enrol at SwimWright

We do have a few spaces available each term, however choices of days or times will be limited, because we restrict ourselves to one lesson in the pool at a time.  We have a wait list for classes.  

Please feel free to enquire.  If your child can float independently on their back and tummy and securely find their own feet from a back float, they may be more advanced than our Beginner grade.  In that case they should be assessed.

Once we know what grade your child is in we can add them to the wait list.

Contact us to find out more about how to get Hamish to do an assessment.  There's no cost for assessment, of course.